5 Week Coaching Program

Imagine Being able to confidently launch your business idea to awaits clients without feeling stressed!

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Chances are, you’re multitalented and you have all these amazing ideas in your head but you’re unsure which to choose or which idea will sell. So you’re stuck in your head and therefore not making any extra money.

Once you enter the 5-week coaching program, you will be able to find your winning offer, attract the right clients, and get sales before you launch your business.

Get ready to use this framework over and over again!


  • No more second guessing if your product will do well and launching in the dark
  • No  more wasting your precious time setting up a whole business no one wants

I created this program for women like you who want to turn your idea into a profitable business so you can create the life your want.

The Validated coaching program is a 5 week coaching program designed to help you excavate your ideas, get clear about who your product is for, and get sales before you launch. 

5 week program overview

Week 1

We’ll focus on doing some self-discovery and internal work to generate ideas for a business and narrow them down.

Week 2

We’ll focus on communicating to your audience and creating your ideal client avatar.

Week 3

We’ll focus on using different methods to find your ideal clients.

week 4

We’ll focus on building the basic framework of your offer and implementing effective marketing strategies.

week 5

Learn how to present your offer and get paid.

Here's what you get

  • 5 weekly 1:1 coaching to check in on your progress
  • Access to workbooks, templates, email sequences and resources to help you execute your weekly tasks
  • My private community so you’re able to get answers to your questions at any time 
  • An accountability partner to keep you productive

How to apply

I’m ready to work with you if you are serious about putting in the work to see results. If that’s you, please fill out the application form and be as detailed as possible. 

I’ll contact you to schedule a consultation to further determine if we are able to work together.

Once accepted into the program, you’re able get started and commence payment. 

The investment

Pay in full
$ 899
  • or 4 monthly payments of $225

This program is for you if...

-You’re ready if you’re committed to putting in the work 

-You’re ready to unearth skills or talents that could make  money

-You’re ready to take things to the next level

-You’re done launching to crickets

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