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My Courses & Workbooks

From the hair business to just the general business guide

Starting from Scratch: Discovering your Skills & Talents

Let me show you how to rediscover your passion and live the life you want with this 4 part video series and Bonus work booklets.

3 Basic Steps To Starting Your Own Business

This booklet gives you simple, clear and actionable steps to help you bring your business to life!⁣⁣⁣⁣ PLUS a simple business plan template!

Start Your Own Hair Business

This course gives a detailed comprehensive steps on how to start your hair business from A to Z.

Wholesale Vendor List

In this E-book, you'll receive a list of trusted vendors + BONUS Hot Tools Vendor List Inside!


The wholesale lingo can be tricky. If you’re trying to start your business and need some resources, please enjoy this FREE ebook on me!

My Coaching Services

Idea Generating

Let's get on the right track! In this 30 minute session we'll review your ideas and improve your concepts.

Expanding Vision

In this 45 minute session I will help you find an overall vision for your business. Together, we will create and expand that vision by pushing you outside of your comfort zone.

Taking Action

Let's turn your idea into a business! This 1 hour session will map out the details of your business, and will give you the foundational skills that you'll need to be successful.

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